5 Simple Ways to Make the Holidays Extra Special for Your Kids

The holidays are a time when bright lights and cheerful decorations are around every corner. As parents, we do our best to keep the season merry and bright for our kids by watching holiday movies together, baking cookies, doing fun crafts, and more. Seeing their eyes light up in amazement as they take in all of the magic we’ve created is an amazing treat. However, if your stores of magic are running a little low lately, here are 5 fun and simple ways to make the holidays extra special for your kids. 

1. Holiday Lunchbox Surprise


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Our good friend Nona from Perkins Party of 5 is at it again with her amazing holiday lunches. We loved her spooky Halloween lunch ideas for kids, and now she’s back with more festive holiday treats!  

For this easy-to-do fun holiday lunch box surprise, she prepared her kids’ favorite - peanut butter and jelly! She transformed it into an adorable reindeer simply by cutting it with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. She then added two pretzels on top for antlers and pressed in two chocolate chip cookie eyes and a small red candy nose. Of course, you can do this with any sandwich and get creative with the cookie-cutter shapes! 

The rest of the box was packed with nutritious favorites like slices of strawberries, carrots, and a cutie orange. Nona even included a cheese stick, on which she drew a snowman face and hat for an extra holiday touch. Finally, if you know anything about kids, it’s that they get messy. Nona added one of our Mr. Claus Shaped Napkins with Santa’s jolly smiling face and rosy cheeks to help with those sticky fingers. For an extra bit of holiday cheer, she even wrote a little Christmas-themed joke on it! 

This lunch is so quick, easy to do, and it’s also super customizable! If your kids love movies like the Polar Express, cut their sandwich into two rectangles, use cucumber slices for the wheels, and top off the lunch with a North Pole Express Train Ticket Napkin. Or, use circle cookie cutters to form a snowman-shaped sandwich, top it with olives for a hat, and pair it with one of our Rainbow Holiday Tree Napkins for a colorful surprise.

2. Festive Hot Cocoa



What child (or even adult!) wouldn’t love cozying up under warm blankets to watch a Christmas movie with a steamy cup of hot cocoa? Here at Ellie and Piper, we have just about everything you need to make the perfect cup of Christmas cocoa and make it extra special with tips from our friend, Danielle Paschka

To start, you’re going to want to break out your favorite holiday mug. No worries if you don’t have one yet, our shop has amazing options for you to choose from. We offer Santa or Snowman mugs in our Holiday Cocoa Mug Set that come with a delicious cocoa mix, Festive Mugs with Cozy Socks, and even a beautiful Nutcracker Porcelain Mug with characters from the classic ballet.

Next, you’ll want to get that cocoa brewing! We’re sure you have a tried and true hot chocolate recipe up your sleeve already, but if your kids are jumping up and down in excitement at your elbow, hot chocolate bombs are to the rescue! We have Holiday Character Hot Chocolate Bombs that come in three delicious flavors, or for a kid-free holiday movie night, parents will love the Spirits Hot Chocolate Bombs Set inspired by your favorite holiday spirits. All you have to do is add the warm milk of your choice! 

Now for the part that the kids will love – decorating! There are so many ways to dress up your hot chocolate. Danielle simply added a heaping swirl of whipped cream and one of our Snowman Marshmallow Lollipops for a warm and festive drink. You can also add in some Sweet S’mores Vanilla Marshmallows and use either our Hot Cocoa Twist or Candy Cane Edible Spoons to stir all that yumminess together. 

3. Easy Tattoo Snow Globe Craft


@ellieandpiperco Part 1: crafting with temporary tattoos with @perkinspartyof5 #diygiftsideas #diygiftcardholder #christmascraftsdiy ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


If you’re looking for a fun and easy holiday craft to enjoy with the kids, it doesn’t get any easier than making tattoo snow globes! Even the youngest of your bunch can help out with this one. All you need is clear plastic snow globes that you can pick up at your local craft supply store, cut out a few holiday tattoos, and have fun!

Nona Perkins used tattoos from our Christmas Tattoo Sheets for her holiday snow globes to create a fun and festive scene. For other holiday themes, try using our Snowy Day Temporary Tattoos, snowmen from the Blizzard Buddies Tattoo Set, or even snowflakes from our Frosted Snowflake Tattoo Set

Applying the tattoos is as simple as wetting a sponge and dabbing it over the back of a tattoo placed on the snow globe. To make sure the tattoos last longer than this holiday, brush some Modge Podge over them to seal them in. For extra decoration, fill the snow globe with tinsel or glitter and tie a matching holiday ribbon around the bottom. 

Nona had her kids make a bunch of these snow globes and added a gift card inside each as gifts for her kids’ teachers. It’s such an easy craft and also the perfect little gift!

4. Holiday Baking Fun


@ellieandpiperco Dress up your brownies with some tree candy from the shop! 🎄 Styled by @perkinspartyof5 #christmasbakingideas #brownies #christmaspartydessert ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


Kids love helping in the kitchen – especially when it comes to baking delicious holiday treats! For this simple dessert, we’re turning again to Nona Perkins as she whips up an easy festive brownie that will wow guests at your next holiday party.

Nona is keeping things super simple and using her favorite box of brownie mix. She adds the mix into small square cake molds, so there’s no cutting required later on, and off to the oven the batter goes! Once it’s baked and cooled, Nona piped a delicious cream cheese frosting on top, which you can buy premade or make yourself. After, she added a dusting of festive sprinkles on top and completed the look with some Holiday Tree-ts Candy trees. 

This is such a quick and easy dessert, and the kids will love stirring the batter and sticking the little candies on top. If brownies aren’t your thing, try using your favorite cake mix and customize the decorations in any way you want to match! Our Pass the Parcel Sprinkles would be perfect, and you can fashion little bows using our Appleberry Belts or Santa Belts candies. Of course, you’re going to want to have the perfect serving tray to present your desserts on, so be sure to check out our Melamine Winter Trays and our Holly Jolly Bamboo Tray.

5. Make a Confetti Ornament


@ellieandpiperco A #nutcracker #diy #ornament with #confetti and a #cupcaketopper #partyshop #holidaydiy #partymemories ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


For this last super easy holiday craft, our good friend Kelsey Klos made confetti ornaments to hang on her tree. These ornaments are so simple, and even the littlest hands can help you with it. All you need is clear plastic ornaments from the craft store, some confetti, and some matching ribbon. 

Kelsey is co-owner of the party planning company, House of Fete, and a mom to three little girls. She made these as a way to always remember the birthday parties she put together for her girls that year. She added some leftover confetti from each party into the ornament and a little decorative paper cutout or charm from the party. Kelsey even wrote their name, the age they turned, and the year on the little decoration to further commemorate each party before closing up the ornament and tying it off with a festive ribbon. 

These ornaments are so quick and effortless that soon your kids will have filled your entire tree with them! To make your own, you can start with any one of our festive confetti packs like the Candy Cane Confetti or Frost Confetti for multicolored mixes, or try the Whipped Cream White, Key Lime Pie Green, or Red Cherries confetti packs to mix and match your own special confetti combinations. For extra holiday fun, try looping a few Jingle Bell Gift Toppers onto your ribbon to add the tinkling sound of bells to your ornament!


The holidays are a magical time, and it’s always fun to preserve its magic for as long as possible for your little ones. Crafting and baking together are some of the best ways to make special holiday memories that will last forever, and it doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. For more ways to make this holiday special, including more crafts, desserts, and party ideas, head to our TikTok, where we share amazing holiday inspiration every day!

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  • LOVE the beauty and simplicity here! That purposeful stillness to FEEL the sweet moments when they are little. Thank you!


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