Spooky Halloween Treats with Nona Perkins


Spooky season is officially here! The weather is finally cooling down, and pumpkins and Halloween decorations have come out to play. But who said the fun has to stop at your decorations? If you love the Halloween season just as much as we do, you must try these treats that every one, especially the kids, will love!

Our good friend Nona has been called the Martha Stewart of her family since high school. She loves perfectly decorated spaces and creating cute crafts and treats. In 2020, Nona left her job as a teacher to stay at home with her three kids. However, she found she needed somewhere to share her creativity now that she was out of the classroom. Now, she can be found sharing her latest creations at Perkins Party of 5

Since Halloween is just around the corner, Nona has been keeping herself busy with spooky crafts and making sure her kids’ snacks and lunch boxes are filled with frightfully fun treats. 

Cute Ghost Cookies


Nona began the Halloween season by making the cutest little ghost cookies. She started with Palmier cookies that she had from Sugar Bowl Bakery. With the pieces broken in half, she was inspired by their perfect little ghost shapes. She dipped each cookie piece into a bowl of melted white chocolate and piped milk chocolate faces onto them. With a little bit of pink luster dust, Nona brushed some rosy cheeks onto each face to add some color. 

Once the chocolate had set a bit, she used small heart sprinkles on hand to create tiny bows on a few of the ghosts’ heads. However, you can change it up with our Voodoo Sprinkles and decorate your ghosts with tiny skulls and crossbones or get creative with the variety of other shapes in the jar. When the ghosts are complete, serve them on our adorable Trick or Treat Reusable Bamboo Tray.


@ellieandpiperco Cutest ghost cookies by @Nona 👻 #ghostcookies👻 #halloweenpartyfood #halloweentreat #halloweenfood #hostesstiktok #hostesswiththemostess ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


Spooky Vanilla Milkshake


This sweet but spooky treat is perfect for when the kids want to chill out after a long day of jumping in piles of leaves. First, start by making creepy yogurt eyeballs. To make these, Nona put round dollops of vanilla yogurt onto a tray. In a separate bowl, she dyed some more yogurt red and filled food syringes up with the creepy concoction. Using the syringes, she traced lines over the dollops of yogurt and topped them with blueberry to make them look like bloodshot eyes. Once those were done, she popped them in the freezer to set. 

For the milkshake, Nona drizzled more of the red yogurt all around a tall glass and poured in a simple vanilla milkshake. Each glass was topped with another drizzle of red yogurt, the rest of the syringe, a few of her yogurt eyeballs, and finally, one of our Spooky Magic Silly Straws, which Nona decorated with a small piece of gold twine for one last magical touch.


@ellieandpiperco Serve these @perkinspartyof5 spooky milkshakes and watch their eyes light up! 👁 💉 🩸 #halloweenpartyideas #halloweenfoodideas #halloweensnack ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


Creepy Kebabs


Like many kids, Nona’s kids LOVE gummy candies, and their favorite Halloween treat is candy eyeballs. As a surprise, she picked up a few gummy eyeballs for her kids, along with gummy teeth, brains, and fingers. Using our Ghost Party Stir Sticks, she made cute displays with all of the candy by stacking one of each onto a stir stick like a kebab. 

For a healthier option, you can also use the stir sticks to make candy corn kebabs with marshmallows cut into triangles, cantaloupe, and pineapple pieces!


@ellieandpiperco Spooktacular candy kebabs styled by @perkinspartyof5 👻 #halloweentreats🎃 #halloweencandy #halloweenpartyideas #halloweenpartyfoods #candylover ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


A Simple Spooktacular Lunch


@ellieandpiperco Spooky lunch energy!!! @perkinspartyof5 #packmykidslunchwithme #kidslunchideas #packedlunchformykids #packedlunchideas #halloweenlunchideas ♬ original sound - Ellie and Piper Party Boutique


Even though packing the kids’ lunches isn’t always fun, you can get a little creative with Nona’s simple spooktacular lunch idea. She started off with a tortilla filled with cheese, aka her kids’ favorite filling, but you can use any filling you know your kids will enjoy. After folding up the tortilla, she easily turned it into a ghost by drawing a spooky face on it with an edible marker. She completed the lunch with a cutie orange pumpkin with a celery stem, some grapes, and some fun Halloween-shaped chips and pretzels. 

Nona always leaves little notes for her kids inside their lunch, but this time, she used one of our Ghost Napkins and wrote a silly Halloween-themed joke on each napkin. You can find the best kids’ Halloween joke book and plenty of our other favorite spooky books for kids in our Halloween Book List

This adorable lunch is so easy to do and super customizable! You can do a DIY pizza kit with some shredded cheese and a small cup of pizza sauce and add in our Spellbound Potion Napkin, use small holiday food cutters to create fun shapes to pair with our Trick or Treat Pumpkin Basket Napkin, or even carrot and celery stick “bones” to go with our Skelly Coffin Shaped Napkins. The possibilities are endless!


We are absolutely in love with all of Nona’s fun and yummy Halloween treats! They are all so easy to do, and the kids will have a blast helping you out in the kitchen! For more Halloween ideas from Nona, follow her on TikTok and Instagram, and don’t forget to check out our latest collection of Halloween decorations and party supplies, which is now in our shop!

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