Announcing Ellie and Piper’s Loyalty Program!


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We absolutely adore our loyal customers here at Ellie and Piper. To prove just how much we love you, we are so excited to introduce our brand new Loyalty Program!

The Ellie and Piper Loyalty Program is our way of thanking you for all of the support that you’ve given to our small business over the years. Between our amazing customers and followers and the many wonderful party lovers in our Facebook group, we wanted to create a way to give back to you for the love you’ve shown to our little company. 

Now, whenever you create an account with us, you will be automatically enrolled to start earning points towards many exciting perks. This is your all-access pass to exclusive Ellie and Piper rewards!

How it Works 

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The Ellie and Piper Loyalty Program is super easy to use. You earn points for completing different actions. The points will tally up automatically within your account, and you can then turn those points into amazing rewards! Create an account today to earn your first 100 points!

After signing up, for every $1 you spend on purchases through our website, you will earn one point towards your rewards. You can start redeeming your points with as little as just 100 points. Afterward, when you go to checkout your next purchase, you’ll be prompted to apply your rewards points before completing the checkout. 

Aside from making purchases, there are plenty of other ways that you’ll be able to rack up points quickly to reap the rewards! You can earn 50 points each when you like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Share Ellie and Piper on Facebook for an additional 50 points. Finally, update your account with your birthday information, and you’ll receive 50 points towards your rewards each year on your birthday!

Ways to Earn Points 

Signup = 100 Points

Place an order = 1 Point for every $1 spent

Share on Facebook = 50 Points

Like Us on Facebook = 50 Points

Follow on Instagram = 50 Points

Celebrate a Birthday = 50 Points

Referrals Program

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Share your love of all things, Ellie and Piper, with your party-loving friends! Any time you refer us to a friend and they make a purchase, you’ll both earn rewards! For every friend of yours who purchases from us, they’ll receive a $5 off coupon. Once they complete a purchase, you’ll receive your own $5 off coupon in return!

Find your specialized referral code in your account dashboard!

Ashley Ross

As a small business, we wouldn’t be here without all of you! From all of us here at Ellie and Piper, thank you so much for supporting our company. 

Join the Ellie and Piper Loyalty Program now for FREE by creating an account and earn your first 100 points!

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  • Love purchasing from Ellie and piper!
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