We Can Be Superheroes 4th Birthday Party


Is your kid constantly saving their dolls or stuffed animals in distress like Batman or zooming around the house like the Flash? If that sounds pretty normal in your household, why not give them the official chance to be a superhero for a day? Their next birthday would be the perfect time to gather everything they love about their favorite heroes and put it all together for a superhero themed birthday bash! That’s exactly what mom and lifestyle influencer, Trista, did for her son Jack’s fourth birthday in this We Can Be Superheroes birthday party!

Superhero 4th Birthday Party Decorations


If there’s one thing that almost all superheroes have in common, it’s the bright colors of their costumes. Trista rented The Treasury in Delvan, WI, for Jack’s party and chose bright pops of color to really stand out against the venue’s neutral background. She started by renting arch backdrops from Parker Drive Event Co. and decorating them with lightning bolts. Then, she added balloon garlands in classic superhero colors on the backdrops and around the event space. 


For her balloon garlands, Trista enlisted the help of Wisconsin Balloon Décor. However, to create balloon garlands of your own, check out our Balloon Garland Essentials list, then head to our shop to grab your balloons! To recreate the look from Trista’s party, latex balloons in Sun Yellow, Fashion Red, Caribbean Blue, Deluxe Black, and Chrome Silver would be a great way to create a vibrant and bright superhero themed color scheme. Then, add a few Lightning Bolt Balloons to tie the theme together. For just a hint of sparkle to the party, Trista added in a few oversized disco balls. However, our Silver Disco Ball Balloons would create a subtle hint of shine as well. 


In order to turn Jack and his guests into the superheroes they’ve always dreamed of becoming, Trista had custom superhero capes created in several different colors and embroidered with each child’s name. To pair with the capes, Trista had our Superhero Masks ready to go. We love how she wrapped the masks around white containers to blend in with her white photo backdrop with cityscape detailing. The containers were actually her party favors with tons of fun goodies like superhero tattoos, stickers, and toys that the kids got to take home after the party. 


For her tables, Trista kept things simple. Plain white tables surrounded by black chairs were all that was needed to stick to Trista’s minimal but eye-catching aesthetic. To keep in with the sleek and clean look, each table was decorated only with a small vase of flowers spray painted silver to match the chrome accent color of the party. For tableware, Trista layered our Superhero Plates over Metallic Silver Paper Plates. We love how the silver plates complement the silver holographic details on the Superhero Plates! Every plate was paired with a Lightning Bolt Napkin, a Blue Stripe Cup with a Gold Stars Straw, and a Glittery Silver Plastic Fork. Finally, each plate had its own adorable little superhero figurine to keep the kids safe while they ate and ward off any sneaky veggies hiding in the food.


Another simple white table was set up off to one corner to hold all of the party treats. Above the table were more silver-painted flowers along with another Lightning Bolt Balloon and a Batman mask balloon. For an easier way to decorate blank space while matching the party theme, our Superhero Garland Set comes with a cityscape garland and a garland of brightly colored, fun superhero statements. One of our Iridescent Electric Lightning Bolt Garlands hung around the edge of the snack table while a large silver-painted flower arrangement sat off to one side, and more balloons and a disco ball were placed underneath. We love how Trista included a subtle nod to Jack’s hobbies and used a black mini skateboard to hold extra plates. Stacks of Silver Foil Shooting Star Plates and Onyx Dinner Plates were also placed out on one side should any of the guests need them. 


Trista got extra creative when it came to plating the snacks on the table! To hold the awesome custom cookies made by Linen and Gray, she used clear holders with more of our Metallic Silver Paper Plates placed on top. This created the illusion that the plates were floating as if by magic!  Another clear container held bags of popping candy which kids always get a kick out of, but our favorite was Trista’s “bowls” of popcorn. Instead of your typical bowl, Trista set up clear plastic boxes with open tops. Each box was cut to a different size and decorated with window designs. This way, when the boxes were all lined up on the snack table, they created a row of buildings in the background just like you’d see in superhero comics. How cool is that?!


Finally, for Jack’s birthday cake, Trista enlisted the help of the talented Julie Michelle from Julie Michelle Cakes. Julie created a cake inspired by the Meri Meri Superhero Collection, which Trista used in her décor and tableware. Jack’s cake was shaped in the number 4 and featured vibrant lightning bolts and fun sayings. The cake even had its own cape! When it came time to blow out the candles, Jack made his birthday wish on our Tall Solid Silver Glitter Candles, which perfectly matched the superhero theme of his party. 


Trista did such a wonderful job putting all the pieces of this party together, and Jack had so much fun getting to be a superhero for his birthday! He is sure to remember this party and the great time he had for years to come! If you have your own little superhero to celebrate, our Superhero Party Collection has everything you need to get your party started. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more party inspiration and tag us in your party pictures! We love seeing all of the amazing parties our customers put together! 

Superhero 4th Birthday Party Vendors

Host: @hellotristalynn  

Photography: @sonyakammes

Event Design: @willow_design

Venue: @thetreasurydelavan

Rentals: @parkerdrive 

Bounce House: @roar.lg

Balloons: @wisconsinballoondecor

Cake: @juliemichellecakes

Cookies: @linenandgray

Vespa Bar: @thebitsybar  

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