Party Hack: Personalize Any Party with The Clear Acrylic Round Charger!


You’ve seen them featured numerous times throughout our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts. Now, we’re so excited to announce that the ever-popular
Clear Acrylic Round Charger is available for purchase on our site!

Customize Your Plates to Match Any Theme!

We have been absolutely obsessed with these acrylic rounds ever since the ladies at House of Fete collaborated with the Modern Birch Co. team and came up with the idea. 

If you’ve ever struggled with finding the perfect place setting for your tablescape, the clear acrylic round has got you covered! Each round fits perfectly within the large Oh Happy Day plates and the Loop by Frankie plates. With over 20 beautifully colored plates to choose from in both collections, simply select a color that matches your theme and get creative!

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You can design practically anything with these chargers. The perfectly clear quality of the acrylic allows anything to show through without any distortion. We love adding stickers and confetti on top of the plates and then covering them with the acrylic round. Now you can eat on confetti! It’s the perfect way to add a bit of whimsy to your place setting. You can even add photos to your plates without worrying about your pictures getting damaged. 

If stickers and confetti aren’t up your alley, you can trace the round on any wrapping paper that matches your party theme and cut out the circle. Place the wrapping paper circle onto your Oh Happy Day or Loop by Frankie plate, and - voila! - you instantly have a perfectly tailored plate for your party!

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Especially for sports theme parties, the clear acrylic round charger is perfect for getting the customization you envision. Simply draw with a Sharpie marker to create a baseball, basketball, or tennis ball, and add the acrylic round on top for the finishing touches. Finding stylish party goods for sports fans can be difficult, but with these chargers, you can make any sports theme work!

Finish each custom plate with matching cutlery, napkins, and cups, add a cute drink stirrer and straw and have an absolutely stunning table that your guests will be amazed by. These little rounds are a simple touch that can jazz up any occasion, from holiday parties to children’s birthdays.

Care and Keeping of Your Acrylic Rounds

The wonderful thing about these rounds is they are reusable! They are 100% food safe and can be carefully hand-washed after every use, so you can use them repeatedly for your parties all year round! 

It is important to note that these rounds are not meant to be cut on. They’re great for serving cookies, cakes, and other soft desserts or foods like pizza. Eating harder foods that require a knife may scratch or damage the acrylic. We recommend only using the rounds when serving things that are soft and easily consumed without the use of a knife. 

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One of the great things about these rounds is they add an extra level of support to our paper plates. When compared to regular grocery store paper plates, our plates are much sturdier. They can handle the weight of several sugar cookies and macarons without worrying about your food buckling the plate and falling to the ground. By adding the acrylic round over your custom decoration, you add another layer of support to your plate. 

While the round fits nicely on top of circular plates approximately 8.45” in diameter, we know that food may seep under. If this does happen, the plates and confetti are completely disposable. Just remove and toss them and wash and store your plates until your next party. 

We ship each acrylic round carefully packed with kraft paper stickers to keep them safe from damage while they’re on their way to you. When storing, make sure the rounds are kept to prevent scratches until the next time you use them. 


We are simply in love with these clear acrylic rounds and all of the possibilities they offer. We hope you will be too! They are available in our shop now for $18 each or 4 interest-free payments of $4.50 through Afterpay. 

Don’t forget to tag us the next time you throw a party using the rounds! We love to see what exciting themes and designs our customers come up with. Tag us @ellieandpiperco on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

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