The Best Halloween Party Inspiration

Pumpkins, spiders, and ghouls - oh my! Whether you love all things spooky or the great pumpkin, we have some fun and festive Halloween inspiration to help you plan your Halloween get together! 



First up, we will be sharing everything you need to be the perfect Halloween party host. Choose from a variety of items for a spookified bash!


halloween donut party

This Halloween donut party is so original and fun! It doesn't get more edgy and modern than these colors and sugar skulls decor!

Black and white skull poison tableware

Life is too short, so its time for basic parties to RIP. While we love all things girly, these edgy coffin-shaped skull tableware holds a special place in our hearts. It's perfect for a joint adult and kid costume party. Want a touch of whimsy fun? You can grab our skeleton confetti crackers that are filled with not only confetti but a fun temporary tattoo and joke that's guaranteed to bring on the giggles!

Eek Halloween Party with black cat accents

While fun over the top glamorous parties is right up our alley to provide you party inspiration, a small party in your playroom or kitchen might be just what your kiddos need to get into the Halloween spirit! We love how festive and easy this set up is! With a colorful balloon garland, eek wood round, bat garland and fun black cat plate stacked on our black and white striped plates your sure to get extra brownie points!



Looking for festive snacks that will have your guests raving? We added a modern twist to basic food options for your next get together. 


Cupcakes with cotton candy and sugar skull

Who doesn't love a yummy cupcake recipe? Our Sugar Skull cupcake kit is a stylish way to serve up some scrumptious cupcakes this Halloween or Day of the Dead celebration with minimal effort!


Witchy Magic Cookie Pop

Nothing wicked about these witch hat sugar cookies. What is even more fun is that you can either grab the cookies already decorated or purchase a sugar cookie kit. Each decorating kit comes with a cookie, frosting, piping bag and plenty of sprinkles.  


Candy bar halloween style

When you bring the vision of the perfect charcuterie board to life in Halloween fashion. It can't get any better than this super sweet Sugarfina candy assortment adorned with our modern, feminine, and chic sugar skull decor options. 


3. Activity Station Ideas

Fall is an excellent time of the year to put a little twist on classic craft ideas. From painting to decorating cookies, your kids will be sure to have a howl of a good time!

Spooky treat

This Halloween themed popcorn bark is the perfect go-to activity snack for a fall get together. Grab pretzels, Chex cereal, almond bark, kettle corn, and your favorite festive sprinkles from Michaels or Home Goods. Lay down your pretzels, almond drizzle, Chex mix, almond drizzle, popcorn then almond drizzle once more! After that, top with your favorite spooky sprinkles for a personal touch.

Pumpkin painting halloween activity

This super cute pumpkin painting activity is minimal work to set up, and a fun craft option for a Halloween get together with your little ghouls. All you need are mini pumpkins, paint, paintbrushes, and glitter! Once they're complete, these whimsy pumpkins would look great on a super cute shelfie or mantel. 


sider and ghost foo decorating activity

Looking for a fun, festive snack for your kiddos while you watch "Hocus Pocus" for the 1000th time? Grab your favorite Oreo cookies, pretzels, candy eyes, and melt some chocolate to make spider and ghost treats! 


4. Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween selfie inspiration

Nothing like a spookified shelfie to create a festive space! I mean, how awesome are the spider cupcake holders? We can't quite decide what our favorite part is, the felt ghost garland or the spider cupcake holders!


halloween decorated playhouse

You're decorating your home why not add some special Halloween touches to your mini's home as well? With a few pumpkins and cobwebs, you can transform their play space too!


Fall front porch decor

Front porch decor is in, and there is no shortage of inspiration. Are you feeling all the yellows and oranges right now? This front porch brings all the classic fall feels!



Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

They had a monster mash, and it was a graveyard smash! We were in awe of how in character these two kiddos were in their Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costumes.


 DIY X-ray tech

Peace out to boring scrubs and welcome the perfect pink scrubs for this little X-ray tech.

ghoul gang group outfit

If you've got it, HAUNT IT! Have your mini gather her favs for a ghoul gang group costume! We love how you can make this group costume your own with many different combos!  


Images Provided By Our Friends:

Donut Party:  @raven.vasquez

Skull Party:  Ellie and Piper

Eek Party:  Cassandra Heeren 

Cupcakes:  Ellie and Piper

Sugar Cookies:  Frost Your Cookie

Charcuterie Board:  Ellie and Piper

Popcorn Bark:  @brittanysavnik

Pumpkin Painting:  @BrynnNora

Spider and Ghost Treats:  @positivelypearson

Halloween shelfie:   @positivelypearson

Spooky Playhouse:  @stephaniehannablog

Porch Goals:  @lo_everson_endrail

Frankenstein and His Bride:  Nola Fontanez Photography

X-ray Tech:  @ash.preciado

Ghoul Gang:   @ashwisdom

Looking for more festive options this Halloween? Be sure to check out our party must-haves below!

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ghouls night in halloween

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