Sparkle & Shine Happy Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July is probably one of our favorite parts of the summer season. It’s a holiday made for having simply fun with friends and family while celebrating America’s birthday. That’s exactly what our friends at
House of Fete had in mind when planning their own Fourth of July party. Marissa and Kelsey at House of Fete truly embraced the traditional patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme for their rustic all-American party with a touch of sparkle and shine.

Sparkle & Shine Fourth of July Party Supplies 


There is nothing more American than pie. We love all of the mouthwatering pies that Marissa and Kelsey had scattered around the table. Homemade apple and blueberry pies of all sizes were set on dishes and atop cake stands throughout the party. We especially loved that Marissa and Kelsey baked pies with stars in the crusts. It was the perfect touch for this sparkle and shine Fourth of July party! Adorably tiny American flags topped each pie for an added festive touch. You can also use our patriotic pom pom food picks or our US of Yay pinwheel toppers if you want to add even more shine to your own Fourth of July party.


House of Fete owners, Marissa and Kelsey, assembled a beautiful rustic tablescape to serve and display their yummy desserts. The two party planning experts' creativity shined as they upcycled a shipping pallet to use as the table. You can recreate this table for yourself simply by attaching wooden blocks as table legs to an old pallet and sanding off any rough splinters. Topping the tables was a vibrant spray of red, white, and blue flowers on a blue table runner. Our blue stars table runner or our liberty stars table runner would be perfect for designing this look.


Each place at the table was perfectly set with cherry red and cherry red and sky blue paper plates. The Frenchie striped napkins in cobalt blue and American wood cutlery set would be just right to finish off each place setting. Marissa and Kelsey went for an old-fashioned feel for her drinkware with Coca-Cola in vintage glass bottles and milk jugs with red stripe straws. If you have little ones running around, you can swap the glass bottles for child-friendly classic party cups in cherry red or pool blue. Completing the tablescape was patriotic-colored confetti and party disco balls for added sparkle.


Behind the table was an exciting arrangement of streamers and balloons in complementing colors. The Ellie and Piper Americana collection has balloons in various shades of red, white, and blue to create your own balloon garland. Our fringe curtains in red or light blue would be perfect to complete your balloon garland and finish your backdrop.


A party isn’t a party without cake, and this one certainly did not disappoint. You can easily recreate this confetti cake by adding sprinkles to any vanilla cake mix. Try it with our cherry float sprinkles for a bit of patriotic magic. The cake table for this Fourth of July party was set in front of a giant American flag and decorated with vases filled with colorful flowers. One special vase held a sparkly surprise for after sunset. Our mini gold sparkler star set would be a fun addition to any party, and our big golden star sparkler wand would make a fantastic matching cake topper.


The Fourth of July is such a fun time to relax in the backyard and enjoy a special drink with friends. We offer shatterproof stemless champagne glasses that would be perfect for sipping bubbly cocktails outside. Because they are shatterproof, you could even safely include the little ones on the toast to try a cup of sparkling juice. A more festive alternative for the kids and their fun drinks would be the patriotic disco ball tumbler so they can run around without worrying about spilling.


The Fourth of July is our favorite summer holiday! It’s a celebration of fun for all ages.
House of Fete’s Sparkle and Shine Fourth of July party was a blast for their friends and family to celebrate the holiday. It was a party they are sure to look back on with many fond memories. Be sure to join our mailing list to get the scoop on even more amazing parties like this one and receive a surprise party favor after signing up!

Sparkle and Shine Fourth of July Party Vendor List

Concept/ styling @house.of.fete

Photography @janeagreencreative


Balloons @bijouxballoon 

Fringe back drop @glamfete 

Custom Crayons @whimsicolorshop 

Stir Sticks @designandunwind 

Table Settings @ohhappydaypartyshop 

Florals @little_flower_shop_tracy

Mini Disco balls @Ellieandpiperco

Garland @pearlandjane

Confetti @shopstudiopep

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