Spa Themed 5th Birthday Party


Whether you’re five or thirty-five, who doesn’t love a nice relaxing day at the spa? Cozying up in big fluffy robes while getting your nails, hair, and makeup done sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon with the girls. So, why not take that much needed pamper time and turn it into a whole day of birthday party fun?!

Our dear friend and party planner extraordinaire, Kelsey Klos, wanted a party theme that she knew her soon-to-be five-year-old daughter, Ray, would love while being just as unique as her daughter. When she came up with the idea for a spa birthday, inspiration hit immediately. Here’s an inside look at Ray’s Spa Themed 5th Birthday Party!

Spa Themed Birthday Party Decorations


Of course, a spa-themed party absolutely needs to have a spa, and that’s exactly where Kelsey started when she began putting this party together. She built the spa area by creating a vibrant purple backdrop with the quote, “You’re like really pretty” (just without the Mean Girls sarcasm). In front of it, she set up a little white dresser with makeup mirrors so each of Ray’s friends would have a place to do their hair and makeup. The mirrors came with small trinket holders at the bottom of their stands, and Kelsey filled them with colorful butterfly hair clips, cute little pins for the girls to decorate their robes, cotton swabs, blending pads, and cotton balls.


What Kelsey set up around her purple backdrop is really what gave the area the full spa effect. To the left of the backdrop were shelves labeled with small colorful signs for different spa treatments. There was the Nail Bar shelf filled with a colorful assortment of nail polish and nail art stickers, the Facials shelf with rolled up face towels so the girls could pat their faces dry, the Hair Salon shelf with colorful scrunchies and rainbow tie dye hair brushes, the Glam shelf with a display of lip balms and packs of Sweet Dreams Temporary Tattoos, and, finally, hanging just below the last shelf were child-friendly face masks.


The right side of Kelsey’s backdrop was just as adorable with her party favor wall, and rack of personalized robes from Madly Wish paired with different colored polka dot sleep masks in matching party colors. However, the wall of Caboodles really made our hearts happy. Each Caboodle was decorated with custom spa stickers from Itsy Bitsy Parties and a pastel pink bow with the girls’ initials. They were perfect for carrying home all of the items that they chose from the spa treatment wall!


When it came to setting up the table where Ray and her friends would be enjoying all of the treats Kelsey had planned for the party, Kelsey had a brilliant but surprisingly simple idea for a backdrop. Since her color scheme ranged from pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple to their more vibrant counterparts, Kelsey chose to set up her table with just a pale pink tablecloth surrounded by simple white chairs and a backdrop in the pastel tones so her vibrant tablescape would really stand out. However, just because the color scheme was more muted doesn’t mean her backdrop did not make a strong statement. Kelsey asked Nicole from Lifted Balloons to design custom giant balloons for the party. Each balloon was a different pastel color with bubbles hand painted all around them and colorful glitter and ribbon streamers paired with cutouts of the girls’ names hanging from them. At the end of the party, all of Ray’s friends went home with both a Caboodle and a giant balloon in tow.


To start her tablescape design off, Kelsey began with our Cream with Black Dots Table Runner and bright green and pink vases filled with cheery, colorful flowers set towards the center of the table. Cake stands in a variety of heights, and colors held mini cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, fluffy croissants, crackers with cream cheese and grape tomato slices and basil leaves designed to look like cherries, and custom macarons and sugar cookies. Small bowls in different colors also held little helpings of jams and jellies for the girls to smear over their snacks. All of it was perfectly themed, like the light, refreshing foods you might be offered during your spa day treatment, along with the sweet treats every good birthday party always has. Finally, Kelsey finished off her table décor with a few Party Disco Balls and a sprinkling of Whimsy Confetti for a fun and glittery touch.


Kelsey started with a few different plate selections to build her table settings. She used our Mint Green Stripes, Neon Coral, Sky Blue, and Lime Lemonade Paper Plates, all in large sizes, and alternated them around the table. She then mixed and matched the larger plates with smaller plates in Iridescent Silver and the Sweet Dreams design from Daydream Society. Each plate was topped with a large fluffy powder puff and a sweet lollipop from The Sweet Storyline. 

Beside the plates, Kelsey placed her custom-designed napkins from Suburban Soiree. However, to recreate this look for yourself, you can use our Teal Dinner Napkins paired with our Deep Pink Large Napkins, or you can swap the pink napkins for our Sleepover Napkins which would be perfect for this spa birthday theme. Every plate set was paired with cute pink lip mini plates Kelsey found topped with cherry heart beads and White and Silver Cutlery. Finally, Kelsey completed her tablescape with a selection of melamine cups in each party color. The cups were decorated with a small slice of cucumber, a custom nail polish stir stick from Acrylic Sticks and a Pink Foil Paper Straw.


Kelsey’s dessert and cake table was truly a sight to behold. Not only was it absolutely covered with delicious sweets that the girls loved, but next to it was a marquee light shaped like a 5 while above it, Kelsey hung hair dryers that she spray painted in pastel pink. Who would have thought hair dryers could look so good?!


To decorate the dessert table, Kelsey started with a long pink tablecloth that matched the one on her dining table. Then she wound a blue felt ball garland along the table and a Pearl and Jane garland similar to our Silver Glitter Shining Star Garlands. Between the garlands, she added a tall vase of flowers, a tall jar filled with cotton balls, and a variety of different styles and colors of cake stands, all holding different desserts. Kelsey hired The Sugar Bug to design adorable sugar cookies painted with different elements to match the party, like Ray in her fluffy white robe, the hanging pink hair dryers, Caboodles, and little cucumber slices. Soiree Macarons did an amazing job of creating spa-themed macarons to look like cucumber slices and pink lips. However, we are absolutely in love with the cute little vanilla powder puff macarons set in the silver compact mirrors – so cute!

To finish off her dessert table, Kelsey laid out stacks of our Sweet Dreams Essentials and Sweet Dreams Nail Polish Large Napkins to help with sticky hands. Some more confetti and Party Disco Balls were the final few touches, and the dessert table was complete.


For Ray’s birthday cake, the folks at The Sugar Bug did an amazing job at recreating the adorable makeup and spa-themed design from the Sweet Dreams napkins and plates onto the cake. The cake was set on a Vanilla Cream Melamine Cake Stand, and a long pale pink ribbon was tied around the bottom for an elegant look. Five Rainbow Birthday Candles were added to the top for when Ray was ready to make her birthday wish.


Between snacking all day long on the yummy treats Kelsey had prepared and playing spa with all of their favorite dolls, Ray and her friends had the chance to get a full spa treatment themselves! Not only was Kelsey the party planner and host, but she was also a beautician for the day! She did the girls’ hair and makeup and gave them the full glam treatment they deserved.


Like with every party Kelsey touches, Ray’s spa-themed fifth birthday party was absolutely stunning and perfect. We love all of the fun colors she used and the creativity that was put into every little detail. Ray and her friends had such a fabulous time!

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Spa Themed Birthday Party Vendors

Planning and styling @house.of.fete

Host and florals @kelseyklos

Photography @reneeshieldsphotography

Invite and stickers @itsybitsypartieskc

Robes @madlywish

Balloons @lifted_balloons

Charmloons @thecreativeheartstudio

Acrylic signs @modernbirchco

Cake and cookies @thesugarbug

Cake stand @joyeuxcompany

Macarons @soireemacarons

Lollipops @thesweetstoryline

Stir sticks @acrylicsticks

Confetti @shopstudiopep

Confetti charms @laurenglassdesigns x @kelseyklos

Chalk tags @chalkdesignsbyme

Party ware @daydream.society + @ellieandpiperco

Custom Napkins @suburban_soiree

Marquee @alphalit.northbay

Favors @stoneyclover x @target

Garlands @pearlandjane

Rentals @heirloomeventsrentals

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