Party Sustainably

In honor of Earth Day, we just wanted to highlight a few of our eco-friendliest products in the shop. If we're keeping up with trends in the party scene, sustainability is definitely one of the top trending topics today. 


Photo credit: Meri Meri

We carry the prettiest scallop-shaped plates in all different colors. They are crafted from recycled material including wood fiber, bamboo, and sugarcane, and dyed with soy inks. The quality of the plates is impressive - definitely not flimsy at all so your party guests can pile on the savory and sweet treats with confidence that their plates will hold up! And the best part about them is how versatile they are. Perfect for any party theme including Mother's Day celebration and bridal showers.

Photo credit: Talking Tables
Are you planning a tropical themed party soon? Our palm leaf plates have been used to style anything from dinosaur parties to Hawaiian luaus. These plates are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca Nut tree. There are no chemicals, bleaching, glues, bonding agents, plastic or wax coatings on them, and still food safe! Any excess leaf from production is used as fertilizer to put back into the ground. It's the most earth-friendly product in the shop! 


Photo credit: Nola Fontanez Photography

What's a party without balloons? Did you know one of our top vendors only uses 100% biodegradable balloons? They decompose just like an oak leaf would in your backyard!    

Photo credit: Roxanne McClure Photography

When it comes to flatware, we definitely offer a fair share of birch wood cutlery, but did you know there are sets you can buy that are reusable and dishwasher safe? That's right - zero waste! And they look so sophisticated as part of the tablescape too!


Photo credit: Knot and Bow

Can't have a birthday cake without candles! Make a wish with some of the prettiest candles made from natural beeswax. With a burn time of 10-15 minutes, you can reuse them again and again!

Take us up on this Earth Day challenge: use at least one of these products for your next party in honor of our lovely planet. Happy Earth Day!

party sustainably.

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