Love is in the Air Baby or Bridal Shower Theme


Who doesn't love love? It's a warm and fuzzy feeling that makes everything better and makes the world a better place because of it. When love is in the air, it's a sweet, palpable feeling that positively affects everyone it touches. So why not celebrate love at your next party?

Over this past Valentine's Day, our friend Ashley threw her daughter the cutest Galentine's party. She themed it "Love is in the Air" with clouds, little paper airplanes, and pink and blue accents. This party is such a simple idea, but it's so adorable. Best of all, it's a super versatile theme! Not only can you use this party theme for a Love is in the Air Galentine's party like Ashley did, but it would work really well for an airplane birthday theme, baby shower or bridal shower for those who love to travel! 

Love is in the Air Party Supplies


You can’t have a Love is in the Air party without fluffy clouds and blue skies. While you can’t actually bring clouds and the sky indoors, Ashley did a fantastic job creating the blue sky atmosphere in her party space. She used a ton of
white balloons in all different sizes to make a huge balloon garland. The garland started from one corner of her wall and crawled all the way up to the ceiling. If you are creating a balloon garland for your special party, don’t forget to grab an  Electric Air Pump! She then created smaller bundles of white balloons and attached them to her ceiling all over the party room. The effect was definitely the perfect recreation of fluffy white clouds. Then, because the party theme involves love, Ashley had heart and cloud shaped mylar balloons blown up, so hearts were floating among the clouds. 

Ashley hung a blue fringe backdrop under her cloud balloon garland for the blue sky effect with a custom neon paper airplane light attached to it. To create a similar result for your own party, you can use our Matte Blue Fringe Curtain Backdrop and cut it to the shape and size you’re looking for.


The table that Ashley created for her Love is in the Air party is the epitome of cute. And, it's super simple to recreate or customize for specific party needs! Ashley started with a plain white table that she surrounded with gigantic white pillows. This way, it would be as if the girls were sitting on clouds while they munched on party snacks. A pale blue runner adorned the table's length, and a decorative white felt ball garland. Ashley found blue cloud-shaped vases for centerpieces that she filled with fluffy baby's breath and decorated with tiny paper airplanes with cloud designs on them.


To complete her tablescape, Ashley added some pink to her place settings to complete the love theme. Stacking plates is a great way to create dimension on your table. Ashley stacked some of our Pink Tone Large Paper Plates over our Cloud Shaped Novelty Paper Plates, which was the perfect pairing for her party theme. She topped each plate with a paper airplane and a custom cutout of each child’s name. Beside each plate, Ashley set a Sky Blue Cloud Print Paper Napkin with a Heart Cocktail Napkin on top of it, paired with a silver glitter fork. Finally, each setting was completed with a different cup from our Pink Tone Cups set and a paper straw with tiny blue cloud designs.


For the pièce de résistance of her party, Ashley brought out a spectacular cake for the girls to enjoy. It was truly the perfect match for her party theme. The cake was frosted in light pink and pale blue buttercream with white cloud cutouts attached to the sides. Little paper airplanes zoomed all around the cake, and on top, sitting in swirls of white frosting, sat even more tiny airplanes and tiny letters. Sprinkles of little pink and red hearts finished this adorable cake. If you’re throwing a paper airplane-themed birthday party, add some of our Tall Silver Glitter Candles or a Mini Gold Heart Sparkler to make a wish on.

How to Use This Theme for Your Baby Shower


We love how versatile this theme can be. Can you think of a cuter theme for a baby shower than Love is in the Air? There’s definitely a great deal of love to go around when there’s a baby on the way! Ashley’s entire party theme already centers around light pink and pale blue, aka the classic baby colors! It would be perfect for parents who are keeping the gender of their baby a secret or waiting until birth to find out. This would also be a great theme for a gender reveal! Imagine having a paper airplane race to see if the pink or blue planes win, then opening up a paper airplane to reveal the real answer!

Ashley put together such a unique party that most of it would make a great baby shower already. However, we’d suggest using pink paper airplanes as decor and maybe upscaling the tablescape just a bit. Rose gold would perfectly complement Ashley’s party theme for just a touch of shine. You could use our Rose Gold Foil Cups complete with Heart Drink Stirrers and White and Rose Gold Cutlery on your table to add a slightly more grown-up feel.

How to Use This Theme for Your Bridal Shower


Love is in the Air is the perfect theme for a wedding or bridal shower! After all, when else would love be in the air than when you’re celebrating an engagement or upcoming wedding? Ashley’s paper airplane theme would be great for a bride or couple who loves to travel. Imagine swapping the cute cloud print paper airplanes Ashley used for her party and using map paper instead! You can even upcycle old maps of meaningful places to the couple to use as your decorations. 

The rest of the decorations from Ashley’s party wouldn’t have to change much. We suggest using our Pink Embossed Acrylic Wine Glasses for more grown-up drinks and topping the cake with a Red Heart Acrylic Cake Topper.


We absolutely love when a party theme comes along that is as versatile as Ashley's Love is in the Air theme. Ashley's party was so creative and unique, and her girls had such an amazing time at their Galentine's party! How would you customize this theme to fit your party?

For more party inspiration and more ideas on customizing specific aspects of your party to match your theme, make sure you're following us on TikTok! We share tons of party ideas and DIYs every day. You're sure to see something that will inspire you!

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