Little Blue Truck Themed Birthday Party


Themed birthday parties are so much fun to throw! You can get so detailed and incorporate so many different kinds of supplies and decorations to really bring the theme to life for the birthday prince or princess. However, coming up with the perfect birthday party theme can be difficult when there are so many different possibilities. Many of our party-loving customers come to us looking for inspiration and ideas to throw a character party without using specific character-themed supplies. This certainly can seem challenging to create a character party without the generic character-themed party supplies. However, Ellie and Piper party lover, Jennifer, does it beautifully with this little blue truck themed birthday party for her son, Cameron who turned two.


In this little blue truck-themed birthday party, Jennifer incorporated many different party supplies and decorations to create a farm essence. There are so many little details she used which ties everything together effortlessly. From gingham prints, little toy animals, barn plates, and more, Jennifer's effort into creating this second birthday party is so exciting to see within the Ellie and Piper party community.

Little Blue Truck Themed Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

little-blue-truck-themed-birthday-party-ellie-and-piper-party-boutique-supplies-decorations little-blue-truck-themed-birthday-party-ellie-and-piper-party-boutique-supplies-decorations

The sweets at this birthday party are adorable and match the theme so well. We have many different decorations to choose from to recreate this farm truck-themed birthday party cake at home. To display the birthday party special one’s age, you can use the gold mirrored cake toppers, which come in one through nine. For cupcakes, use the on the farm cupcake kit that comes with twenty-four beautifully illustrated and crafted toppers in animal and farmyard designs. If you are going to have cookies, the farm animal edible stickers would be fun to add and could even be a fun activity for the kids to participate in.


You can come up with so many options for a fun farm-themed birthday party like this one. Our party boutique has different toys, activities, and supply decorations to bring this theme to life. The horse play activity tote would be great for a party favor, as would the on the farm temporary tattoos and sticker set. For decoration, the farm animals bath toy set works perfectly and can help bring the children's imagination to life! To keep with the theme, the on the farm garland pairs as party decor and can hang on a bedroom or playroom walls afterward!


To set the table for your little blue truck-themed birthday party, you can first start with a blue gingham table runner. This adds to the blue theme and matches the rest of the decor so well. For plates, the barn plates are great to use for your main plate, and then pair with a smaller, animal plate such as the pig plates. Glass milk jugs would be so fun for cups; however, if you want a more child-friendly option, the on the farm paper cups match the rest of the theme. Lastly, just add in blue striped straws along with blue striped napkins, and your table is set!

little-blue-truck-themed-birthday-party-ellie-and-piper-party-boutique-supplies-decorations-07 little-blue-truck-themed-birthday-party-ellie-and-piper-party-boutique-supplies-decorations-07

Little Cameron had so much fun at his truck and farm animal-themed second birthday party. The details that mama Jennifer put into bringing this character party to life without the generic character-themed party supplies. It brings me so much joy to see the imagination our Ellie and Piper party-loving community has and the beautiful parties they throw with our supplies. If you are ever looking for inspiration for the next party you are throwing, be sure to check out our party Facebook group. This group is a safe place for Ellie and Piper party lovers to inspire, trade ideas, and help each other make happy memories.

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