Introducing the Party Pieces Collection by Carole Middleton


Here at Ellie and Piper, we are so excited to announce that our party line now includes products from Party Pieces by Carole Middleton, the mother of none other than Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge herself!

Carole Middleton was inspired to start her line of party products and supplies on Kate’s fifth birthday. When her search for birthday decorations for a five year old was limited only to clown plates or products too expensive for a child’s party, Carole took the situation into her own hands. She decided to create a line of party products that was accessible for everyone but still looked good. 

Even though her prototypes were turned away from various wholesalers, Carole didn’t give up. Her entrepreneurial spirit kept her persevering despite the initial feedback. While her three kids were in school, she continued to build her business, worked from her kitchen table in Berkshire, and promoted her products at the kids’ nursery school. Now, almost 30 years later, Carole’s business is stronger than ever, and we’re so excited to be able to share it with our loyal Ellie and Piper party lovers!


One of the best things about Party Pieces is how diverse the products are. Any mom can tell you that a child’s interests can change at any given moment. Party Pieces offers so many varieties of collections you’re sure to find something perfect for every child. Best of all, you don’t even have to limit yourself to just children’s parties. Many pieces can be used for a variety of events. For example, the A Very English Rose Arch Treat Stand is perfect for a children’s tea party or an elegant bridal shower. 

Right now, we’re featuring selections from three of Party Piece’s most popular collections:

Dino Explorer Party Pieces Collection


The Dino Explorer Collection is perfect for the budding paleontologist. Both boys and girls love learning all about the great big dinosaurs that came before us. With the Dino Explorer Collection from Party Pieces, you can celebrate their curious little minds with a dinosaur-themed party!

The Dino Explorer Party Garland is the perfect decor to hang above your party area. One pack comes with two brightly colored garlands with jungle leaves, explorer trucks, and cutouts of all of your kids’ favorite dinos, including the t-rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops. It’s exactly what you need to turn any space into a dinosaur jungle!


Yummy snacks are a must at every party, and the Dino Explorer Collection has you covered. The Volcano Treat Stand is great for cupcakes and other small snacks. It has three tiers and walled sections to keep food in place. Plus, the top of the stand features erupting lava with circling pterodactyls that spin around the volcano, hoping for a bite to eat.


You can serve food in the Dino Explorer Food Trays for hungry little dino explorers. The trays feature dinosaur expedition vehicles with a t-rex running alongside them. Each purchase comes with four trays that can be used as serving platters for sweet or savory foods and appetizers, or they can be used instead of traditional plates.

King of the Sea Collection

The King of the Sea Collection is one of Party Pieces’ newest releases. One of the major goals that Party Pieces aims to achieve is to revamp the sustainability of the party industry. They are fully aware of how notorious the events industry is for waste and are actively trying to reduce that impact. Every product in the King of the Sea Collection is eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable, and a portion of the proceeds from the sales gets donated to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup - a global charity aiming to safeguard the world’s oceans. 


We currently carry two products from the King of the Sea line. The King of the Sea Paper Table Runner features colorful sharks and other amazing sea creatures that would be a fantastic addition to a tablescape for a shark-themed birthday or Shark Week party. Then, once chow time is done, roll the runner back up for use at your next party, or if you’ve experienced a hurricane of spilled drinks, simply gather the runner up and add it to your bin for paper/cardboard recycling.


The King of the Sea Treat Stand is the ultimate display piece for any shark-themed party. The terrifying jaws of a great white shark open wide to show layers of sharp, pointy teeth. Made of sturdy paper, this two-tiered treat stand is easily foldable and reusable. If you already have your treats served on other dishes, hang it in your party area for an awesome and frightening 3D wall decoration!

Shooting Star Collection

The final Party Pieces collection that we have currently available is the Shooting Star Collection. There’s just something about stars that fascinates children. Why not celebrate that curiosity with a colorful, star-filled celebration? Not only is the Shooting Star Collection great for children’s birthdays, the metallic gold and bright colors would also be amazing additions for a New Year’s Eve celebration or even a graduation party.


To get your shooting star party started, it’s always best to set up a backdrop. Backdrops are great for setting the atmosphere for your party and make a great photo-op spot! From the Shooting Star Collection, the Shooting Star Backdrop is everything you could ever hope for to glam up your party. Its shiny metallic stars glint and twinkle and catch the light as they hang softly against the wall or sway in a doorway. Add even more stars along with vibrant and exciting colors by adding the Shooting Star Party Balloon Bouquet. You can attach them to your wall to create a colorful balloon garland over your backdrop or have them float around your party for fun pops of color. 

Nothing says “stars” and “glam” like a table covered in sparkling glitter. The Metallic Silver Glitter Table Runner is exactly what any star party needs. It runs along your table like the shining tail of a shooting star. For a more adult party, this runner would also work well for an Oscars Night get-together or a bridal shower.


To continue the star motif on your tablescape, you have to look at the adorable Shooting Star Paper Cups. These superstar cups are covered all around in tiny stars in every color of the rainbow. Paired with the popup gold foiled rainbow shooting star, kids will love having a cold refreshing drink in these cute and colorful cups.


Finally, who needs plates when you can eat food from a rainbow?! The Unicorn Fairy Princess Food Trays are a stunning combination of colors and stars to level up any table design. The paper trays can be gently unfolded for individual use or as serving trays for appetizers and treats for kids to grab as they party the day away.


We are so thrilled to be able to share some products from this amazing collection with our loyal customers! Party Pieces is an amazing line of party decor and supplies to help make fun, exciting parties easy to put together for anyone. Be sure to shop the Party Pieces Collection for your next party and don’t forget, follow us on TikTok for new party inspiration and ideas every day!

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