Here Comes the Sun


There is nothing brighter than your little baby’s smile as they beam up at you. Babies emanate pure joy and happiness, and when they smile at you, it’s as if your heart is filled with sunshine.
Our party planning friends, Kelsey and Marissa at House of Fete, threw her client’s daughter, Suri, the most perfectly themed party for her first birthday. For this first birthday party, they chose a Here Comes the Sun theme, which was an absolutely fitting representation of Suri’s bright and sunny smile.

Summertime Themed First Birthday Party Idea Supplies


It was a perfect, sunny day for Suri’s first birthday party. Covering the party were vibrant shades of yellow and gold accented by hints of pink and white to bring the sun down to Earth in their backyard. Balloon garlands were set up all around the party in brilliant shades of yellow for a bright and dynamic backdrop. Balloons of all sizes were used to create the garland balloon. It’s a good idea to incorporate various-sized balloons when building balloon garlands to give your decorations more depth. Different shades of pink were incorporated into the balloon garlands to create the effect of a beautiful sunset. Also featured in the balloon garland were a few matching tissue paper honeycomb balls for definition.


There was not a single cloud to darken Suri's big day. To make sure of this, large sun-shaped cutouts were set up behind the food tables. They truly brought the "Here Comes the Sun" theme to life. Our favorite has to be the cutout that stood behind the cake table. It had "Here Comes the Sun" engraved in a fun, 60s-esque font that was a subtle nod to the famous Beatles song the theme derives from. While these cutouts might be a little difficult to recreate for your own party, other options would be to hang yellow party fans or our scalloped fringe garland in yellow. Both options definitely have the right sunshiny feel to them. We also offer a Here Comes the Sun felt garland, which is perfect for creating this theme yourself with its pink to yellow ombre lettering. You can also create your own banner with the Say Everything Banner Set in gold.


The food table was a beautiful sight. It was artfully set up with sunny menu board cutouts standing behind the delicious array of food and a fabulous large floral arrangement in theme colors. Individual food items were displayed in mason jars and paper cups. Each jar and cup came affixed with its own wooden utensil. This is a fantastic but subtle precaution as we slowly edge back into post-socially-distanced life.

Each menu option was arranged in jars stacked on cake stands and trays of varying heights and sizes. Our yellow melamine cake stand and small white scalloped cake stand would be great to achieve this effect. For tableware, set up was a stack of plates alternating blush pink and happy yellow colors alongside some Frenchie striped napkins in cerise pink should guests need them.

Of course, the tiny guests who came to Suri’s party were not forgotten. There was a  kids corner prepared specially for them! Several comfy blankets and pillows were laid out on the grass under a beautiful white beach umbrella for some shade. Child-sized lawn chairs sat next to a large wooden picnic table low enough for the little ones to crawl onto safely. The table was stacked with treat boxes filled to the brim with delicious kid-friendly snacks like bags of popcorn and cartons of milk. It also had coloring sheets and crayons for the children to enjoy as well. Coloring activities with crayons are always a great idea at children's birthday parties as a mess free way of fun.

This sunny yellow ombre cake was perfect for Suri’s Here Comes the Sun party. The cake sat atop the pink melamine cake stand, which was a great choice to offset the bright yellow frosting and bring out the pink sun cake topper with Suri’s name. Suri had her own special cake just for her beside the larger cake. It had wonderful pink ombre frosting, and a large sun decoration topped with a gold glitter dipped candle. Adorable sun-shaped sugar cookies were displayed on another cake stand. Our medium bamboo fiber cake stand would be perfect for a multi-leveled dessert table. Finishing off the table decorations were a few disco balls for a touch of glitter, a pom pom garland in theme colors, and pink cups with white and rose gold cutlery. Suri’s tiny party hat was also there, ready and waiting for her to make her first birthday wish.

The adults at Suri’s party certainly weren’t left out. Featured at the party was a Bubbles and Brews van for the grown-ups to enjoy. Decorating the van was a smiley sunshine balloon tied to its front mirror and added sun and drink menu cutouts to pull in the theme. Sunset peach and pink party cups were filled with glittery drink straws and stirrers. Mini tables with small flower arrangements were set up around the yard for the adults to chat and enjoy their drinks around.

Adding the final touch for this Here Comes the Sun birthday was the party favor table. Scattered florals and pom poms decorated the table, and little boxes filled with macarons and a sun-shaped toy were set up for guests to take home. The Truly Alice Mini Vintage Cake Domes would work great to recreate this look. A letter board invited guests to pick a page in a sun-themed picture book and leave a lovely note for Suri to read when she’s older.

This Here Comes the Sun theme could not have been a more perfect choice for a little one’s birthday. It was a fantastic theme to celebrate Suri’s first birthday, but it could easily be used for any summer birthday party for all ages. Here at Ellie and Piper, we love seeing what our customers come up with as they plan their parties. For more ideas for your next party, be sure to follow us on TikTok where our party inspiration videos are sure to get your creativity flowing.

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