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Are your kids singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” all day? Are YOU?! Ever since Encanto hit theaters and Disney+, children everywhere have been obsessed with the magical family Madrigal and their Casita. With so much to love (including all of the catchy songs!), it’s no wonder your little one might be asking for an Encanto birthday party!

For our good friend and Ellie and Piper fanatic, Kelsey, Encanto is a frequently requested favorite of her twin girls, Lily and Layla. There are so many amazing and memorable characters in the movie, but Lily and Layla especially love Isabella, Mirabel’s oldest sister, who has the power to create beautiful flowers with a single touch. With their fourth birthday coming up, Kelsey wasn’t surprised when they asked for an Encanto - and more specifically, an Isabella - themed birthday party.

Encanto Theme Birthday Party Supplies


It’s clear from all of the intricate details that Kelsey had a great time planning and creating this party. She started by having PopologyTX create a huge balloon wall along the main party area in her backyard. Kelsey chose really fun colors that truly represented those in the movie. The balloon wall consisted of purples, pinks, yellow, and teal - all of which can be found in Casita throughout the movie and in the flowers that Isabella creates. We definitely recommend having an electric air pump handy when creating your own balloon wall. It’ll make the whole process much faster and easier. 


Kelsey also added a few flower balloons to her wall to represent Isabella’s magical talent. Try using our Purple and Yellow Flower Balloons and our Tropical Hibiscus Balloon! Fans of the movie will know that by the end (spoiler incoming!), Isabella realized everything she didn’t have to be perfect all the time, and she began creating prickly cactuses as well as beautiful flowers depending on how she was feeling. Our Cactus Foil Balloon would be a fun little nod to one of the many morals of the movie. 

Finally, Kelsey finished off her backdrop with a hand-painted door just like the ones the Madrigals open when they receive their gift. To bring your own magical door to life, you can add one of our Mirabel Balloons to attach to the front of it!


Kelsey’s party design really came together when it came to how she planned the kids table that Lily and Layla’s little guests would be sitting at. She started with a plain white table low to the ground and surrounded by comfy, plush pink pillows instead of chairs. Her table decor was simple but worked well with her party theme. Shimmery pink tulle ran down the center of the table in gauzy bunches. To hold the tulle in place, Kelsey used small, colorful candle holders and vases that she bought from her local dollar store. You can also use our Hand Painted Mini Floral Tealight Lanterns for a similar and equally colorful look. 

The vases were decorated with a variety of colored ribbons and filled with small sprays of fresh baby’s breath while flameless candles filled the candleholders. Tiny pots of cactuses (fake ones, so no kids got pricked accidentally), butterfly garlands, and a light sprinkling of confetti completed her table decor.


The plates and cutlery are where Kelsey really got creative. Along the table were Loop by Frankie plates in the alternating colors of Tangerine, Chewing Gum Pink, and Lime Lemonade. The plates either had a Cactus Napkin on top of it or Kelsey’s custom decorated design beneath a Clear Acrylic Round Charger. The plates with an acrylic charger had our Round Cactus Napkin placed just beneath them peeking out on the top right. Kelsey handpainted the bottom of each of the wooden forks that she placed beside the plates with extra paints she had from creating the door. However, if you’re strapped for time or don’t feel like pulling your paints out again, you can use our Assorted Colored Wood Cutlery set, which would match an Encanto birthday theme perfectly. For your own party, try adding our Neon Colors Fringe Party Cups with festive straws and drink stirrers such as our Cactus Stir Sticks and Cactus Paper Straws.


We love to see how our customers use our clear acrylic chargers on their party tables. For Lily and Layla’s birthday party, Kelsey cut out cute little pictures of the girls standing next to each other and smiling or making silly faces. She created tiny birthday hats to glue onto each girl’s head in each picture before adding them to the plates. Every plate also got a healthy sprinkle of confetti and a few animal stickers to represent Antonio’s gift. 


When it came time to sing happy birthday to Lily and Layla and serve the cake, Kelsey made sure her cake table was just as beautifully decorated as the rest of the party area. She used a gorgeous fringe backdrop from Oh my Darling Party Co. However, to get a similar effect for your own party, you can layer a few of our Bright + Colorful Large Fringe Garlands over each other or layer tissue garland rosettes in various colors to match your party color palette and maybe even a Cactus Banner or two. Kelsey covered the cake table in a bright tablecloth covered in flower designs similar to the walls in Isabella’s room and decorated it with a few Mini Cactus Pinatas. Finally, it was cake time!

For the cake, Kelsey had Eleanor Burkett create a perfectly Encanto and Isabella themed cake for the girls. The entire cake was covered in pink buttercream with colorful buttercream flowers and butterflies swirling down the side. Eleanor even designed a little door with Lily and Layla’s names on it to top off the cake and made the girls their own personal cakes that were designed to be mini versions of the big cake. Our Tall Pastel Party Candles would be a great choice to match Kelsey’s beautiful cake and blow out magical birthday wishes on.


At the end of the party, Kelsey handed out small little jars of custom Play-Doh created by Payton Parke Playkits. Not only were the kits really fun and creative by themselves, but Kelsey made them extra special by making personalized acrylic butterfly name tags for each child and tying them onto the favor jars with bright bows of colored yarn.


We are absolutely in love with Kelsey's Encanto party for her girls. As fans of the movie ourselves, we highly approve of everything Kelsey did to bring her girls' favorite movie and favorite character to life for their party. It's sure to be a birthday that the girls won't forget any time soon!

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Magical garland: @maddoxandklaus

Invitations: @confettiaffairs

Playdoh favor jars: @paytonparkeplaykits

Bow: @eviepearlhandmade

Confetti: @festivefetti

Birthday sign: @chalkdesignsbyme

Sunglasses: @everiyla

Butterflies: @amazon

Party hat inspo: @tinamariegreen

Acrylic tag inspo: @sierralmiller

Cakes: @eleanormburkett

Balloon install: @popologytx

Balloon kit: @chercandoit

Fringe backdrop: @ohmydarlingpartyco

Party goods: @ellieandpiperco

Confetti: @festivefetti

L&L’s swimsuits: @kortnijeane 

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