Disco Tumbler Makeovers with Kelsey Klos


When it comes to party planning and decorating, there’s basically no such thing as too much glitter. There’s just something about when that hint of glitter catches the light and sparkles in the corner of your eye that just really makes your party decor feel complete. One great way to add a subtle hint of shine to your party is with our Silver Disco Ball Tumbler!

Our party-loving friend, Kelsey Klos, the co-founder of House of Fete, has taken the Disco Ball Tumblers to the next level. The Silver Disco Ball Tumblers are a great way to make a statement on your party tablescape and double as the perfect little party favor. Kelsey has used our disco ball cups for multiple parties and customizes them to fit various themes and holidays. Let’s take a look at how Kelsey has given our tumbler a makeover for her various holiday celebrations!

A Glittering Halloween


Who said that Halloween couldn’t have a touch of glam? For her bewitchingly charming Halloween party, Kelsey dressed up her disco ball tumblers in their Halloween best. She began by attaching a small jack-o-lantern-shaped bell to a pink fabric ribbon and hung it around the pink reusable straw that comes with the tumbler. Then, she tied a black and white striped bow around the straw for a bit of a Jack Skellington vibe before finishing it off with a small string of gold stars and a small plastic spider.

A Festive Winter Wonderland


This one is so easy to customize for any winter or Christmas party theme. Kelsey began by slipping a piece of snowflake ribbon over the pink straw and hanging a tiny turquoise ornament around it with glittery silver tinsel thread. She then tied a matching ribbon around it all to create a bow. Pair these with Frosted Snowflake Napkins on your table for a beautiful glittering winter tablescape. Easy as that! And if your holiday party has a different color scheme, all you have to do is swap out the ornament and bow colors!

A Fancy New Year’s Upgrade


Our disco ball tumbler is the perfect cup to be sipping out of while waiting for the ball to drop at midnight. Kelsey gave her cup a glamorous upgrade for her fancy New Year’s Eve party. She swapped out the reusable pink straw that the tumbler comes with for a gold foil straw with stars and a disco ball stir stick. Using gold tinsel thread, she tied on a few glittery gold stars and added a luxurious gold velvet bow, and left both ribbon tails extra long and drape-like for an extra wow factor. Finally, she completed the look with a bit of sparkly star wire that she shaped in twirls and tucked a small scrap of tinsel underneath it all to complete the look.

A St. Patty’s Day Rainbow


For this design, Kelsey switched to using our Rainbow Disco Ball Tumbler, which is everything you love about the original silver disco ball tumbler but with beautiful rainbow colors on the outside. The pink straw is again swapped for a gold foil straw and a gold drink stirrer. She then took a fluffy white ribbon, tied it in a big bow like a giant cloud around the straw, and finished it with rainbow tickets. Our Rainbow Mini Disco Balls will be another fun decorating option if you don’t like the look of the tickets. 

If you plan to use this as a party favor to hand out to guests before they leave, try filling it with gold chocolate coins. That would be a fun surprise when they open their cup and find a pot of gold!

An Easter Basket Gift


For Easter, Kelsey added some tumblers to the Easter baskets she made for her kids. She filled the tumbler up with colorful Easter candy before resealing the lid. After that, she added speckled acrylic egg-shaped drink stirrers in place of the straw. Our Bunny Drink Stirrers or Painted Lady Butterfly Stir Sticks would also make great Easter decorations for your cups. Then, she simply tied a piece of pink silk ribbon around her stirrers and added a big, fluffy pom-pom like a bunny tail.


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Not only are our disco ball tumblers cute and fun to include in your tablescape, but they can also be versatile! Kelsey has shown us how easy it can be to give our tumblers a full party makeover and make them fit just about any theme you can think of. Imagine a mermaid theme with a purple and teal bow and seashell details or even a bridal shower with a bit of tulle ribbon as a veil and ribbons to match the wedding theme. The possibilities are endless!

If you need more party tips and inspiration, like Kelsey’s tumbler makeovers, make sure you head over and subscribe to our TikTok. We share tons of party DIYs and inspiration every week to get your creative party juices flowing! 

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