Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Children love dinosaurs. If it’s not a scientific fact yet, it definitely should at least be considered! There’s something about these prehistoric creatures that children are just absolutely fascinated by. Maybe it’s the long scientific names like tongue twisters to sound out, or perhaps knowing just how big they used to be. Either way, children love dinosaurs, so what better birthday theme could there be than just that? Dinosaurs!

Our friend Hannah threw the most amazing dinosaur themed party for her son Chandler's second birthday party. Dinos are Chandler's favorite thing, and he was absolutely thrilled to see the wonderful decorations Hannah put together.

Dinosaur Themed Party Decorations

There is so much to choose from when planning a dinosaur themed birthday party. Decorations can range anywhere from cute little dinos to more realistic ones. Hannah decided to go somewhere in the middle. They turned their party room into a prehistoric landscape with plants and matching shades of green accented with touches of coral and gold.

Hannah hung our large colorful fringe garland along the walls of the party room, which perfectly incorporated all the colors in their color scheme. Below that, the extra gold glitter from our gold tinsel fringe garland made the dinosaur party ROAR balloon banner truly stand out. The dinosaur kingdom garland would have been a great touch to have hanging over the party as well. It includes ten different dinosaurs and foliage to really add to the prehistoric atmosphere.

We cannot get over how phenomenal Hannah’s dinosaur table turned out. She ran the seafoam blue mint green classic stripe table runner down the center of the table and added simple black pots of tall, exotic foliage at each end. We love that they also used plain glass jars to hold simple, small floral arrangements in their party colors. The floral choices paired with even more large green leaves placed around the table created a wild jungle feel that was easy to imagine some dinosaurs walking through.

Every child had a spot set just for them at the table. Hannah prepared every setting with each child’s name etched in gold and placed it on a leaf in front of one of our simply eco large paper plates in mint. The dinosaur spike shaped paper napkins matched perfectly with the theme and looked great stacked on top of the colorful neon fringe napkins. Hannah used the gold foil party cups with matching white and gold cutlery for a few more touches of glitter. To complete the tablescape, she sprinkled some confetti similar to our poolside blue confetti around the table. And because no dinosaur party is complete without the thundering stomps of a T-rex, Hannah let Chandler’s T-rex toy loose to knock over a few cups.

Off to the side was an adorable little refreshment station. It was covered with large faux green leaves and held a gold juice dispenser filled with the special birthday concoction of Jurassic Juice. Stacks of cups in gold and coral were ready for thirsty little dinos. A jar of straws like those in the Memphis mint paper straw mixed pack was ready as well, with the added touch of a few more jungle leaves and a glittery gold 2 for the birthday boy. Hannah added a bunch of balloons in gold star shapes and mint green to finish off the dino refreshment stand and, of course, a giant T-rex balloon to guard the drinks. Not too far away from the drink table was the dino-mite birthday card, ready for all of Chandler’s guests to sign for him.

Hannah used clusters of balloons to bring the party outdoors. They used different shades of balloons mixed with faux leaves and tulle to create DIY balloon garlands. To recreate this look for your own party, you can use any color or size in our extensive balloon collection. For an easier option, use our tropical balloon bouquet, which includes mylar balloons in gold and monstera leaf-shaped, which works great for this dino theme.

When it was finally time to blow out the candles, Hannah brought out a charming cake topped with Chandler’s favorite dinosaur. The cake was simply decorated with white frosting and caramel walnut crumbs, but it worked well for the dinosaur theme. The walnut crumbles looked like dirt that the T-rex kicked up as it stomped across the land. Chandler had a personalized cake topper and a number 2 sparkler candle to get through before he could try some of his delicious cake. Other great dino cake options would be our dinosaur kingdom candles which have three different types of dinosaurs.

Hannah did a great job capturing the essence of prehistoric times in a modern-day party, and Chandler and his friends had a great time stomping around like dinosaurs. Here at Ellie and Piper, we love dinosaurs too! Be sure to check out our whole dinosaur collection for even more dino-themed party inspiration. For even more inspiration for parties like this one, sign up for our email list and receive a surprise party favor!


  • I love this! Can you please let me know where you got the green dinosaur toy?

  • This is adorable. I love the pop of color with coral and gold. Great job mama!

    Ruth Tammany

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